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  • The AMSR-E spin up attempt on Aqua Spacecraft has been successful. Antenna spin-up started at ~15:12 (UTC) on Dec 4, 2012 and the rotation has been now stabilized at a nominal 2 rpm since ~16:50. Click here for detail information.
  • The MODIS Terra and Aqua C6 L1B reprocessing has been completed and C6 forward processing is in progress. Products from both reprocessing are now available to public from LAADS. For details Terra Aqua.
  • C51 Land Cover products have been released. For more information see this document.
  • Land data is now available to public from LAADS
  • C6 Science Test Plan and Changes
  • C51 BA Released - Data available from LP-DAAC and LAADS.

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Quality assessment (QA) is an integral part of the MODIS Land production chain. The objective of MODLAND QA is to evaluate and document the scientific quality of the MODLAND products with respect to their intended performance. The results of MODLAND QA are made available on a routine basis and are formally stored as product metadata and as per-pixel information. MODLAND QA results are also placed on the Product Quality web pages located at this site. Users are encouraged to check these QA results when they order and use individual products to ensure that they were generated without error or artifacts.

Animation of MODIS NDVI 2010. See 'Animation' link under the QAinfo menu for more...


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