Update: 2009/12/17

Algorithm changes:

Land tiles were extended by adding grids to provide for the assignment of land surface emissivities in bands 31 and 32 at the edges of the tiles. This is done in order to remove small discontinuities at the tile edges in the LSTs retrieved by the split-window algorithm in MOD11A1 and MYD11A1.

Science test required: Global coverage, periods 2008001-032 with Tera MODIS data and 2008161-192 with Aqua MODIS data.

Click here to view the Global Browse Images for the test.

All products created and used in this test are available from MODAPS Web:
LAADS (L1B, Land and Atmospheric data, and Land Science Test: requires name and password)

Archive Set #: Test version Archive Set 191; baseline is collection 5.